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03 October 2011 @ 12:04 am
[Fanfiction] Digimon Tamers: Inner Demons #001 - #005  
So I can never keep with updating a blog, for some reason. One day, ONE DAY, I'll get into a pattern of it.

Anyway. My intent has been to mirror all of my stories on this journal, and I still plan to do that - I just have to get formatting worked out, as I can't find a method where any two sites are fully compatible with one method or another. It's most vexing.

So, as I've instead been opting to just write everything in a word processor, and I know it'll format mostly right there, everything is currently just posted to Fanfiction.net, with fixes pending.

Speaking of fixes, all of these chapters have several, the first one included. Hence the re-linking. There are STILL probably some extra tweaks and grammar fixes I need to make, but I'll get to those. So, carrying on...

Story Title: Inner Demons
Fandom" Digimon Tamers
Summary: When "what is supposed to be" is changed completely, so is it that the world around it also changes.

A different world, with familiar faces.

Battle on the verge of life or death - this is the life of a Digimon Tamer.
Rating: M for Mature
Genre: Action/Adventure, with a dash of angst, and a HUGE mixing of AU.
001 - "Wild One" - Fanfiction.net Link
002 - "Matsuda Takato - Fanfiction.net Link
003 - "Emergence" - Fanfiction.net Link
004 - "Tamer" - Fanfiction.net Link
005 - "The Controller" - Fanfiction.net Link
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